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Community is what draws us together. After two incredibly tough two years for small business owners, both Claima and Vista wanted to do something impactful for small business owners of color that brought everyone together IRL. Enter: STORYTELLAS Tour. We dreamt up a night filled with community building and storytelling centered around the experiences of BIPOC entrepreneurs..many of whom never met each other in person before our activation.

Kicking things off in Portland for Black History Month, making our way to Dreamville Festival in Raleigh, heading south to Bimma’s hometown of New Orleans for Essence Festival and finally ending in DC with Howard Homecoming. We’ve connected with hundreds of entrepreneurs across the nation and donated over $100K to help support the next generation of youth as they embark on their creative and entrepreneurial journeys. We also got to sit down with incredible trailblazers like Trinidad James, Karleen Roy, Cheetie Kumar and Sevetri Wilson for business shifting interviews that powered Season 3 of the Claima Stories podcast.

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