Claima x Contemporary Athletics Table

First meeting when they joined a special product team at adidas working on global collaborations in 2017, Bimma Williams, our co-founder and Ced Hudson (Founder of Contemporary Athletics and Senior Apparel Designer at adidas Hoops) developed a very unique bond. While reminiscing about their childhoods in the south, they found a lot synergy in their interests.

From both growing up as Track & Field athletes to being underrepresented professionals working in the sportswear industry, but perhaps the most significant common interest between them is the desire for equality at the leadership table in the industry. For Bimma, it materialized through Claima.

For Ced, it was a new venture into furniture. At this year’s African American Footwear Forum, a very organic representation of their ideals came into fruition— a table that can also function as a seat.

“We wanted to bring to life the idea of a seat at the table, something that marginalized groups struggle to achieve in their careers.” - Ced Hudson

Today, we’re excited to share our Claima x @c_athletics Table.