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Claim A Seat is a first of its kind initiative to turn companies into a force to help fight inequality in society. By aligning with purpose-inspired brands, we’ll tell stories through unique Products, Content, and Experiences. Claim A Seat makes it simple for allies in the community to raise funds that go directly towards our mission to inspire and connect creatives of color.

From visual artists to creative directors, Black and Brown voices are often missing from corporate tables. Those that do make it, have to fight to be heard. Our purpose is to empower creatives of color to claim a seat at any table of their choosing.


Take up space. Claim your purpose.

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$5 of every Claim A Seat product sold will benefit Multnomah County nonprofit, All Hands Raised (AHR). AHR is dedicated to transforming the educational system through advancing equity for every child, from cradle to career. Invest in equity and learn more at and @AllHandsRaised.

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